The Plot of the Evil Marketian

Adventuress & Explorer, Debi Lamb-Burrows & YOU!

Debi Lamb-Burrows - The Brave Adventurer! "I'm off," you hear Debi shout from the entry.

"Wait!" you holler back, springing to your feet and smashing your poor knee into the dark wood of your heavy desk. "OW!"

"What?" She asks, sticking her curly head into your office. She raises an eyebrow at the words streaming from your mouth, "Are you alright?"

"I have some news," you finally get out, ignoring the eyebrow. Picking up an unopened letter addressed to her that you have lying in the clutter of your desk, you wave it at her.

She comes in, takes the letter and plunks down in the leather chair in front of your desk. She looks tiny in its oversized embrace and suddenly you realize she has her adventuring clothes on, pith helmet perched on one knee. She's just gotten back from an exploratory trip into a newly open area while you remained behind, attempting to accomplish your own goals.

"Where are you headed?" you ask. You had been counting on her help.

"Never mind that!" she exclaims. "This needs our immediate attention."

It is her battle cry and your heart thrills to hear it. You know that an adventure lies ahead and you can't wait to get started, it has been an incredibly frustrating couple of months with road blocks, unexpected changes that threw you further and further behind and hurdles you just couldn't seem to get over. Somehow with her in the lead, every expedition got off to a speedy start and continued at a clipping pace until it reached a climactic conclusion.

"Do tell," you reply, attempting nonchalance.

"The Evil Marketian has struck again!" she exclaims, stomping one sturdy leather boot. "He is ruining everything!"

"Ah," you say, hurrying on to explain when she seems unimpressed by your response to her announcement. "I, myself, have been feeling the effects of his plot for the past couple of months, never knowing the source of my impediments. My website has remained unfound, advertisements unanswered and my brand quickly forgotten. All is explained now. We must venture forth and put him away for good!"

"It may not be that easy," she warns you. "The Evil Marketian is not only sly and pervasive, but he is aided by so many unwitting marketeers that his work is almost done for him."

Debi Lamb-Burrows - The Brave Adventurer! What will you do?

  1. If you decide to join the adventure and take on The Evil Marketian:
    Call 830.816.8238 and talk to Debi herself.
  2. If you decide to stay behind and go it alone:
    Rap yourself on the head & see if your mind changes.
  3. If you decide to throw up your hands, bury your head and sing la, la-la, la-la...
    (Really, what do you expect me to say to that?)

Debi and her co-adventurers at Penguin Suits Inc. have been helping businesses and individuals create and maintain memorable and meaningful brands since 1993. Staying ahead of the trends and technical advances is indeed a challenging adventure, but one well worth the work when her customers congratulate themselves for accomplishing their marketing goals.

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