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We are constantly looking all over the World Wide Web for information, great articles, and tips that would be helpful to our business. We decided if they are valuable to us, others might be interested in this information as well. With credit to the wonderful sources where we find these little gems, we have compiled and made them available in one place for you.

Penguin Suits Pointers points out great posts from their original source. On our internet adventures we get inspiration and great information from many valuable places. Please take a few moments to browse some of our favorite links.
Pointers Responsive Design

Responsive Design

At Penguin Suits, we often mention the great significance in having a website that can adapt to the size of any screen that it is on. We realize that this may be a challenging aspect to visualize at times for those not familiar with responsive design so we've found this infographic that gives a visual example of what responsive design is. 

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Pointer Perfect Social Media Posts

Perfect Social Media Posts

There is so much content posted every minute on social media. So, how do you make your business stand out from the rest? What makes people stop at your post when they are scrolling through a feed of information? 

This infographic gives you tips on creating the "perfect" social media post that is sure to garner attention and be shared. 

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Pointers Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

There are so many social media outlets that it can sometimes be overwhelming figuring out how to use them all. Some of the platforms are best suited for certain businesses while other platforms are more suited for others. This helpful infographic dives deeper into the realm of each platform and gives suggestions to which would best be suited for a particular business.

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Pointers Hashtag Power

Hashtag Power

The hashtag is one of the most useful tools when marketing on social media because it allows a series of messages, posts, and thoughts to be connected with a tag. Hashtags are quite powerful and their use has skyrocketed since Twitter encouraged their function and several other social media platforms later followed suit. Check out this interesting infographic that takes a deeper look at hashtags. 

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Pointers The Art of Getting Retweets

The Art of Getting Retweets

Do you use Twitter? You should. Twitter is a valuable resource to gain exposure for your business. One of the ways to get exposure is by posting quality content that generates retweets. This helpful infographic offers up some ways you can get your content retweeted. 

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Pointer How Your Brain Sees a Logo

How Your Brain "Sees" a Logo

Many people don't understand the true significance and impact a logo/brand can have on a consumer. Telling companies they need a logo is not enough to convince some individuals, but these concepts have now been backed by science. Check out this fascinating article on how your brain processes and remembers a logo. 

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Pointers The Best Time to Outreach

The Best Time to Outreach

Social media posts are only effective if you are reaching your target audience. This extensive infographic gives you all the different times and days that users are active so that you can time your posts to reach the largest audience possible. 

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surprising words that get content shared on social media

Words That Get Content Shared

Marketers always focus on "buzz words." These buzz words carry through to social media as well. Check out some of these words that get content shared on each social media platform.

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Pointers Visual Content Revolution

Visual Content Revolution

It is a Social Media marketer's responsibility to know and understand the changes in Social Media. The biggest revolution is in visual content. This infographic explains the shift to Visual Social Media. 

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Pointers Storytelling Through Social Media

Storytelling Through Social Media

It's common knowledge that visuals have a bigger impact than words. The same is true for social media. Posts with images and visuals have far more engagement than those without. Take a look at this beautiful infographic for more information.

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Pointers Why Mobile Matters in Email Marketing

Why Mobile Matters in Email Marketing

This world is heavily connected by technology and there is a need to have information at the touch of our fingertips. This need causes a heavy reliance on smart phones by a large number of people in the world. Because of this, mobile marketing is a rapidly growing platform that can no longer be ignored. Check out this infographic to see how email marketing has gone mobile. 

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